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Here's your Friday recap of the week's Podcast Pontifications. Listen in and enjoy (and share with a few dozen of your closest friends!)

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Changes To Podcasting Are Just Getting Started [Episode 143]

Thu, Mar 28 2019 | 🔊 Listen | 🔗 Link

The changes we've seen thus far this year are just the tip of the iceberg. That's the way change works: always constant and often increasing. This is the hockey stick your mother warned you about.

So how does someone like you, the working podcaster, stay up on all those changes? Well, you've already made the smart move of listening to this program on a 4x-a-week basis. But assuming you want to go beyond that:

  • James Cridland's should be in your inbox every day. Or listen to the short podcast version if you like. If it's new, important, and about podcasting, James covers it.
  • Podcast Business Journal is a relatively new industry-specific online magazine staffed by luminaries in the industry who provide context and insight. Sure, it's a little "inside baseball", but that's kind of the point.
  • There are legion other podcast-focused newsletters. The Bello Collective and Skye Pillsbury's Inside Podcasting 
  • Subscribe to every other show that podcasts about the same kind of stuff you podcast about. Yes, all of them. (I subscribe to 26 other PAPs -- podcasts about podcasting.)
  • Get involved with those same people and start collaborating. Because podcasting isn't a zero-sum game.

If you're serious about podcasting, you'll find time to stay updated on the vast changes coming. I hope those tips help.

Change Your Mind About Your Podcast [Episode 142]

Wed, Mar 27 2019 | 🔊 Listen | 🔗 Link

It sounds kind of obvious that the way you think about your podcast impacts your podcast. That's because it is obvious. But like most other obvious things, it's not the kind of thing often re-examined.

In this short episode, I'll encourage you to think differently about your podcast by examing two key questions:

  • Why do you podcast the way you podcast?
  • What do you want to get out of your podcast?

Understanding your unique answers to these questions will help make a better podcast. Bonus: Ask yourself these questions continually. But now I'm spoiling tomorrow's episode...

Change Your Podcast Hosting Relationship [Episode 141]

Tue, Mar 26 2019 | 🔊 Listen | 🔗 Link

Expect big changes to podcasting at the technical level this year. But you're at the mercy of your hosting provider for many of them. Which begs the question: How well-established is your relationship with your podcast's hosting provider?

In this short episode, I'll explain why, now more than ever, it's extremely important to know the full range of options available from your hosting company. Because there's more to feed management than just having a link to your media file.

Change Your Location, Change Your Podcast [Episode 140]

Mon, Mar 25 2019 | 🔊 Listen | 🔗 Link

While change is scary for many, and the unknowns with changing where/how you record/produce your podcast seems like potential boat rocking.

But actually, what might be a terrifying change for you can often be the catalyst your audience is looking for. In fact, changes you make to how your show sounds can re-spark their interest to share your program with others.

In this short episode, I'll do my best to convince you that change is good, as well as provide some ideas on how changes to your physical space can often (always?) make your podcast better. And all this week, I'll cover other aspects of change for your podcast.

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