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January 2022

A new year, a new (fill in the blank). We all know the drill when it comes to January. Everybody wants you to start fresh. Start the new diet, start the new organization app, start the new budgeting trend, start the new time wasting game on your phone...
Obviously, I've become cynical of "new year/new you" gimmicks. One thing I've noticed in scripture is that God's way is a once and for all plan rather than a wash and repeat plan. The consistent theme is that God makes us new at the moment of our salvation and that is where we remain. When we evaluate our status, lets not think about becoming new again. Instead, lets remember what he has accomplished.
In Revelation 2, God encourages the church of Ephesus that they have done great works in faith, but warns that they have forgotten their first love. He reminds them to do what they did when they first believed. 
I believe that a faithful parent is the greatest spiritual influence for a child. We don't need to look for something new, we need to remember what God has done and be motivated by that amazing gift.
2022 is going to be a great year! I am excited about the opportunities we have to grow and serve over the next 12 months. God is going to do amazing things! If you have any thoughts or questions please email me.

Nathan Wood

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January 16

We're heading up to State Farm Arena for the 2022 Winter Jam. We plan to leave Hampton FBC at 2:00 after church to get a good spot in line for 2 hours. The doors open at 5:00 and tickets are $10 at the door. Bring money for food and merch in the arena and the CNN Center. REGISTER!

Valentine Banquet Fundraiser
February 11 at 6:00
Moved from February 13 due to the Super Bowl. Students will host a dinner and show as a fundraiser to earn money toward events and activities at Hampton FBC.

Worship and Lock-in
February 23-24
What's better than Winter Break? How about a lock-in at 6:00 Wednesday Night! We'll have worship and activities planned all night at Hampton FBC. Plan to pick up at 9:00am Thursday morning. 

DiscipleNOW Weekend
March 4-6

A super fun weekend of worship and intense Bible study at Hampton FBC and in Host Homes of church members. Registration will open January 2022.

Community Changers
Spring Break (April 4-8)
This year will be a local missions focus as we team up with other youth groups in our area to serve our community. More details to come.

Fuge Camp
July 11-16
We're heading back to North Greenville University! Registration will open in January.
Parenting is the hardest job in the world! Fortunately, many people have tried it and some paid enough attention along the way to record what works and what doesn't. Unfortunately, there aren't any direct solutions for every problem we face along the way.
As parents, it is easy to second guess your own methods and decisions. How do you guard your kids without over-protecting them? How do you build confidence while correcting behavior? How do you rationalize with irrational decision makers? How do you do it right when they think you always do it wrong?
I've toyed with the idea of creating a podcast or video blog to help start conversations about the difficulties of parenting. However, I found that the resources I was using to develop information is easily available for everyone. So, instead of trying to sound smart I thought I'd put that effort into pointing struggling parents in the right direction. 
Another realization is that every family deals with different challenges. You need specific resources that deal with your exact situations rather than surface level blanket solutions. So my most helpful suggestion is to check out this resource that gets very specific about difficulties that individual families face.

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding
This organization is founded by Walt Meuller, a former youth pastor, that speaks on the development, trends, dangers, and tools of raising teens. CPYU provides tons of material to meet you where you are and guide you through the chaos. Please, check them out and know that you are not in it alone! 

CPYU Podcast - Conversations about parenting topics.
Research and News - Tons of information organized by topics. Be an informed parent!
3D Media Reviews - A breakdown of specific media and what they are communicating to your teenager. 
Trend Alert - What new thing are the kids doing these days and how can you navigate thumping a little common sense into their under-developed brains.
TableTalk - 100 and counting family conversation starters that end up serving as a family devotion. Take the lead as the spiritual leader and let your kids discuss their thoughts on Biblical principles.
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