COVID-19 Updates 5.15.20
May 15, 2020

Dear PharmDawgs:

As we close out another week in our virtual work environments, I wish to, once again, thank you for your spirit of resiliency and cooperation. It goes without saying that we are all anxious to learn when we will return to campus; we are awaiting guidance from the university regarding these details. UGA’s plans must be approved by the University System of Georgia, so patience will have to be our virtue at this time. 

Certainly, we will need well-designed processes and systems to lead us back into the instructional and research fronts at the College of Pharmacy. Thus, I’ve asked Dr. Lori Duke and Dr. Michael Bartlett to coordinate our efforts in these respective arenas. As time moves forward, faculty and staff may be engaged to help them in planning for our reentry. In advance, I thank you for your willingness to support their efforts, and I am grateful to Lori and Michael for their leadership.

Together, we will emerge from this situation stronger than ever before.  I am grateful for your spirit of tenacity and support!



Kelly M. Smith, Dean
UGA College of Pharmacy

Staff Saluted Thursday

President Jere Morehead and Dean Kelly Smith sent messages of recognition to staff members Thursday on what would have been Staff Appreciation Day at UGA. President Morehead’s message is here; Dean Smith echoed his comments with a special video presentation.  You can view her message here.  In the video, Dean Smith remarks to the staff, “I value the contributions you make to the College of Pharmacy. You are the backbone of our College.”

New Microsite Offers Links to Virtual Graduation Recognition 

Check out our new Microsite,, to see the virtual recognitions of the PharmD and B.S. graduates. The PharmD program and the supplemental celebrations have been enhanced and updated for your viewing pleasure.  If you haven’t seen these before, do a little CoP binge watching and check them out!  If you’ve already viewed them, we promise - you’re going to want to watch them again!  Congrats to our graduates, now our newest alumni!

Dr. von Waldner Interviewed by 11-Alive ‘Why Guy’

Dr. Trina von Waldner, CoP Director of Continuing Professional Development and Outreach, provided expert advice to Jerry Carnes, the 11-Alive Why Guy, on the importance of not just washing your hands thoroughly, but drying them as well. Watch this interview! Thanks for representing the college and helping the community, Dr. von Waldner!

Online Workshops for Online Teaching

UGA Online is offering four unique workshops to faculty that will enhance their online teaching. Participants will learn to share their expertise more effectively and efficiently with their students. A variety of dates and times are offered for each workshop. Topics include:  Elements of Good Online Learning, Practical Training for Producing Video Lectures, How to Create Content for your Online Course, and Framing Online Assessment.  Read more and register here.

BEWARE: Phishing Scams Are Back!

PharmDawgs! Please be aware that we are seeing a new round of phishing emails coming to UGA email accounts. The example below is the latest attempt. Please notice the two highlighted areas. The “from” email address is actually a Gmail account formatted to look like our UGA email addresses. The Gmail on the end of the address is your clue that this is a phishing attempt.  Another handy piece of information is the “External Sender – Proceed Cautiously” flag.  This is automatically added by our email system to let users know the email came from an external sender. Anytime you see this flag, you should know that the email was sent from outside UGA.  In this example, Dean Smith is inside UGA, so the External flag should alert you that this email is fraudulent. Please remember; it is always better to err on the side of caution when dealing with external emails and emails containing links to unknown websites.  For questions or concerns, contact CoP’s Virtual Helpdesk: Join via Zoom at or call directly at 253-215-8782 or 301-715-8592, meeting ID 333 252 017.  (For non-emergency IT needs, please continue to submit tickets here.) 

Zoom Trivia

Here’s some PharmDawg Zoom Phun Phacts!  Since we transitioned to an online environment on March 16 until the end of the semester, there were 22,995 participants in 1,966 Zoom meetings that spanned a total meeting time of 1,302,724 minutes/21,712 hours/904 days/almost 2.5 years! The biggest users of Zoom?  In first place was Chris Duran, followed closely by Sarah Jones, while Dr. Trina von Waldner came in a distant third.  Previous sentence a combo of past and present tense Wow!  That’s a lot of Zooming!

PharmDawg Phriends

Kayleigh Greene, a rising 4th-year from Loganville, will be in good company when she moves to Atlanta to start her APPE rotation!  Her brand-new puppy, Harry Pawter, is a 10-week-old Saint Bernard-Great Pyrenees mix. Harry joins his new feline sibling, Nora. Looks like the two will keep Kayleigh busy with PharmDawg Phun!

Lillian Ballance, our Annual Giving and Stewardship Coordinator, has some new phriends!  Lillian and her husband, Jeff, have added six Barred Rock chickens to their household.  The chicks are just a few days old, and are currently nesting in their new bathtub home. The chicks will be named at a later date. 

New Feature Added to Brief – ‘Milestone Moments’

Dr. Trina von Waldner offered a great suggestion for the Brief – and we’re going to take her up on it!  Many of us PharmDawgs are not only missing the College of Pharmacy environment; we’re missing out on some important personal milestones as well – such as high school or college graduations, weddings that have been delayed, special birthdays, and more.  Let your PharmDawg Phamily celebrate these special moments with you.  Send a picture with details to Mickey Montevideo, and we will share it in “Milestone Moments.” Thanks, Dr. von Waldner, for this caring suggestion!

In Passing – Dr. John Nine

We are sad to report the passing of one of the College’s greatest supporters and friends, John E. Nine, on April 30th. A 1963 graduate of Purdue University College of Pharmacy, John began his career at Merck and moved to positions of increased responsibility at Yardley of London, Ciba-Geigy and finally a 26-year executive career with Schering Plough.  However, it was for his engagement with our college that we remember him the most. In 2000-2001, John worked with the College and the Governor’s office on ways to support drug manufacturing as part of the package that ultimately resulted in the relocation of the veterinary drug manufacturer Merial (now Boehringer-Ingelheim) to Georgia. Soon thereafter, he joined the UGA Dean’s Advisory Board. John was instrumental in providing assistance as the UGA College of Pharmacy launched its Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences program. John helped with the design of the teaching labs in the RC Wilson Building and provided input into the content of many of the courses, with a goal of preparing our graduates to be exceptionally well prepared for careers in drug discovery and development. John worked with the College to form a new advisory board focused on the pharmaceutical and regulatory sciences as well. This board helped shape our new Double Dawg BS/MS programs in the pharmaceutical sciences, regulatory sciences and biopharmaceutical engineering. Remarked Dr. Svein Øie, professor and former CoP Dean, “His impact on the College, in my opinion, was essential for our steady progress and successes.”  Many thanks to Dr. Michael Bartlett, who helped to develop this story.  John’s full obituary can be read here

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