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We are so proud of our founding class.
Congratulations on committing to continuing your education beyond High School.  

In 2016, the first cohort of freshmen walked through the doors of SBC. As we gathered in the dance room at Boricua College, we immediately knew this group of students were unique, destined to succeed and break barriers. 

Last Friday, we hosted our very first College Decision day. Over 95% of our seniors have committed to college and we are incredibly proud of all the hard work our they've put in over the last fours years. We can't wait to see how this new chapter transforms their lives. 

This is a defining moment for our students:
because they deserve a seat at every table. 
because they deserve to explore and realize their potential.
because this country needs more black and brown doctors, engineers, scientists & entrepreneurs.
because higher ed plays a pivotal role in breaking the cycle of poverty.  
because they matter. 

A big THANK YOU and high five goes out to our college team, who have tirelessly dedicated themselves to supporting our seniors in every way. From securing scholarships, to hosting workshops and consistently advocating on our students' behalf, we want you to know that your guidance, insight, knowledge and support were invaluable in this crazy college process! 

Shout out to everyone who joined us! If you missed our live stream event or would like to relive that special moment, you can now do so. 
College Decision Day