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Newsletter  MAI 2020

Dear IP500 Members, Partners and Guests 

The IP500 Alliance is currently working at maximum possible efficiency with the current limitations due to the COVID-19 situation, whilst securing the safety and wellbeing of our team.

Due to COVID-19 we (and as everybody else) weren’t able to perform at many fairs as planned, yet we didn’t let that compromise our progress. Rather we invested and focused on the planning and realization of many worldwide projects and further expansion of the IP500 Alliance standardization efforts (VdS intrusion & fire, as well as UL certification).

Please find more information about the following topics in this newsletter:

  • IP500 SmartBuilding projects in Europe, South America, Columbia, India
  • IP500 Lighting / Sensing solutions (Trilux and Steinel)
  • IP500 Gateway with full redundancy (UMLAUT)
  • IP500 / CNX200 Module passes FCC certification
  • IP500 conformity with safety & security according to EN & UL
  • Update on IP500 Meetings and events

Furthermore, we are proud to announce another captivating article in the 12th edition of the renowned technical magazine “Elektronik”. In the new article we dive further into the interoperability between security & comfort application aspects. The magazine will be released June 2020, mainly online, as well in hard copy and featured on the IP500 Homepage (

The IP500 Alliance wishes you all the best of health.

Best regards
IP500 Board

IP500 in SmartBuilding Projects

The IP500 Standard has been chosen in large SmartBuilding / Industry projects as the de-facto IoT back-bone / infrastructure for the entire building with target comfort & security applications. The following projects are in the planning stages and first installations of IP500 OEM products integrated in a total system will be done starting Q3 2020. Following, please find some example of the projects:

World Trade Center, New Delhi, India

  • Type: Large office space, small business areas and underground parking
  • Size: approx. 800.000 m2 (one of the largest buildings worldwide)
  • Timing: Planning (now), IP500 product RFQ till 15.05 2020, installation in 6+ months
  • Target IP500 applications: Lighting, HVAC, Elevators, Access control and Security
  • Total Volume: 7’500 sensors & actors (till mid 2021), > 45’000 in 2022
  • IP500 Planning Doc.: Available for IP500 Members & Partners on IP500 Website

University, Bogota, Colombia

  • Type: Office, lavatories & school classrooms buildings and common areas
  • Size: 38 buildings, each approx. 1500 – 2000 m2
  • Timing: Planning (now), OEM product RFQ in May 2020, installation in 3+ months 
  • Target applications with IP500: Lighting, related sensing, later security, access control
  • Total Volume: 3’500 sensors & actors till end 2020, approx. 52’500 in 2022-2023
  • IP500 Planning Doc.: Available for IP500 Members & Partners in first version

ALPHARMA; Mexico City, Mexico 

  • Type: Office, laboratories, warehouse etc.
  • Size: 3 buildings with approx. 3000 m2
  • Timing: Planning (now), OEM product RFQ in May 2020, installation in 3+ months
  • Target applications with IP500: Lighting, related sensing, later HVAC, access control
  • Total Volume: 2’400 sensors & actors till end 2020, approx. 10’800 in 2022
  • IP500 Planning Doc.: Available for IP500 Members & Partners in first version
Additional projects in Europe, i.e. Germany (Osnabrück and Freiburg) are in planning stages. Details of all SmartBuilding projects are described in IP500 Applications Project Documents and are available for IP500 Members & Partners now - placed in the IP500 Web-Site Members Login-area. (

IP500 Lighting & Sensing

The IP500 Members Trilux and Steinel have demonstrated the first Lighting & Sensing solution at the IP500 Main Meeting in Nov. 2019, held at the facilities of Trilux. The demonstration by Trilux and Steinel have impressed the audience, as it demonstrated the interoperability of a comfort and security applications under the IP500 wireless Platform.

image009.pngThe interoperability was then extended between the applications, lighting, HVAC / Energy Management with Access Control, Elevators or Smoke Detection and are now included in the planning and installation in the large SmartBuilding Projects (mentioned above). Also existing wired system installations using protocols like “DAIL or MODBUS” are integrated and using IP500 sensing information. The local planner and system integrator has created an “Application Document” for each individual project, which has all the information for the IP500 OEM Products, infrastructure and the System level (BMS – Building Management System). These Applications Documents are available for IP500 Members (only) in the project document, which are accessible on the IP500 website in the “Members Area-Login” (

IP500 Gateway with full redundancy

At the Wireless Congress in Munich (Nov. 2019), the IP500 Alliance and its Partners (ZUSE Institute and CoreNetiX) presented the first version of the “IP500 Full Redundant Gateway Infrastructure” in a live demonstration.

We are proud to announce that UMLAUT ( has taken the leadership on the development of the IP500 Gateway with full redundancy. This includes the stat-of-the-art LINUX CPU, as well as all common interfaces form the IP500 Network to Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and 4 / 5G (cloud). The housing (first version) will meet the requirements for installations in a commercial building environment.

The full redundancy of the IP500 Infrastructure (Gateways) will provide the worldwide first and unique “Fault Tolerance” feature for commercial building installations. This allows the IoT network to reroute the IP500 smart devices to another (nearby) gateway due to high interference or even damages in situations like fire.

IP500 / CNX200 Module FCC certified

The IP500 / CNX200 Module passed all FCC certification tests, performed by TÜV Rheinland. The FCC certification allows the IP500 OEMs to sell their IP500 enabled products / solutions in USA, Canada, South America and all countries requesting FCC certification.

The IP500 / CNX200 Module is now the only IoT RF Module, which has all the certifications for Japan, India, Europe and USA+, aswell as the VdS pre-conformity for security applications (Europe).

IP500 conformity with safety & security according to EN & UL

As reported in 2019, the IP500 / CNX200 Module has passed all tests according to European norm (EN 501.31-53) and received the “pre-conformity” for Intrusion Grad2 form VdS. The details of the pre-conformity and its test results are available for IP500 Members & Partners in the “IP500 Member Login Area”. 

The next tests for EN 502.31-53 Grad3 will be performed in Q3 2020. 

The VdS intrusion division and the nation police tech department, in cooperation with the IP500 Alliance, have started the include these test results (meshing, dual band, security and robustness) in the VdS Requirement SPEC for intrusion Grad 3. The final draft will be available depenting on the situation with Corona) in Q3 2020. 
Parallel, the IP500 Alliance has started the process to receive the pre-conformity for the IP500 / CNX200 Module according to EN 54-25 for fire applications. The test will be scheduled in Q3 2020 and performed depending on the availability of the test lab at VdS. 
The IP500 Alliance has been invited to comply with the UL (product certification for products to be used / installed in the USA and Canada).
The IoT division of UL has started a new certification program focused on IoT network solutions. Sofar both parties see a great opportunity to have the IP500 CNX200 be compliant with the highest “UL – IoT Diamante Status”.  Both parties expect an positive result in Q3 2020.

IP500 Meetings & Events in 2020

COVID-19 has changed the world including our entire meeting and event plan for 2020. We believe that in 2020, no face-to-face shows will take place. Therefore, the IP500 Alliance has canceled all attendances at shows and meeting until Sept. 2020.
However, the IP500 Alliance will check the status of the following events on a regular basis and decide whether we attend or participate at such event:

Trade Shows in 2020

  • Sensor Show, San Jose, USA, June 20th – 24th
  • Security Essen, Essen, Germany, Sept. 22nd – 25th
  • Light+Building, Frankfurt, Germany, Sept. 27th – 02nd. Oct.
  • IoT Solutions World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, Oct 25th – 27th
  • Electronica, Munich, Germany, Nov. 10th – 13th
  • Wireless Congress, Munich, Germany Nov. 10th – 13th (parallel to Electronica)

IP500 Meetings / SUMMITS in 2020

  • IP500 SUMMIT in India (as soon as lock-down ended, Q4 2020 or Q1 2021)
  • IP500 SUMMIT in Bogota (as soon as lock-down ended, Q4 2020 or Q1 2021)
  • IP500 Main Meeting (as soon as lock-down ended or a virtual meeting, Q4 2020)
  • IP500 Tech. & SmartProject Webinars (virtual meeting in Q3 - Q4 2020)
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