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Manja Ebert, Sleepingsquad, multi channel video installation, 2016


in the framwork of Fotograf Festival #8:
Non-work: Occupied by Leisure Time


Film Program:
Kateřina Držková (CZ), DOPLGENGER (RS), Roman Israel (DE), Steffen Köhn (DE), Marc Thümmler (DE)

Artists books:

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin (ZA/UK), Kateřina Držková (CZ), Edition Taube (Jan Steinbach, Tilman Schlevogt, Jonas Beuchert; DE), Katrin Kamrau (DE/BE), Jens Klein (DE), Joachim Schmidt (DE)

curated by Elisabeth Pichler & Lena von Geyso

Vernissage: 11/10/2018, 6pm
Location: Fotograf Gallery, Jungmanovva 7. 110 00 Praha |
Opening hours: Tue–Fri 1_7pm | Sat 11am–7pm
Duration: 12/10–10/11 2018

Fotograf Festival #8

Against the background of a constant demand for steady growth, innovation and originality. Re*Creation addresses the double meaning of “re-creation” as “recovery” and “create anew”; reflecting on the relationship between production and leisure. On the one hand, pause, retreat, calm, and reflection resist production constraints – on the other hand, they are a prerequisite to develop something new.

In 1987 photographer Joachim Schmidt claimed polemically: “No new photographs until the old ones have been used up.”
The artists of the exhibition Re*Creation appropriate existing pictures. The material in question comes from areas that we usually assign to the private: self-staging, leisure activities, self-imposed and forced work interruptions. It has been detached from its original context, changed, annotated, and transformed both temporally and spatially. This recontextualization of the images reveals a social relevance in addition to the individual.

The appropriations challenge the relationship between private and public, reverse original and reproduction, reflect norms and instrumentalization, and play with control and self-determination; pushing the focus away from the image production to the distribution, reception, and interpretation of images.

These approaches to the material can be taken as both fascination and criticism; in all cases, they encourage a reflection on our shared imagery.

The film program brings together short lms in which personal freedoms and social constraints encounter. In di erent ways, the lms deal with experiences of and conditions for individual self-determination of one’s own life and profession and question the intimacy of leisure, sexuality and relationships.

The library collects artists’ books, which take both found and collected material as a starting point in order to analyze and reconstruct social, aesthetic and historical constellations.

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