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I find it peculiar that a man who has made multiple campaign contributions to Sheriff Ken Mascara, including this election cycle – is now declared as a Republican candidate for St. Lucie County Sheriff.
Mr. Kevin Clyde Carter, a former Deputy - known for his role in the death of James Lancaster and his close friendship with Democratic Commissioner Chris Dzadovsky; despite his strong support for Mascara, is relatively unknown in political circles around St. Lucie County.
It is almost as if Sheriff Mascara is cashing in a favor to shore up a win in 2020 - ahead of his retirement in 2022 - an intention he has made clear to the law enforcement community, including his identified successor, Major Brian Hester.
Mr. Carter with a handful of historical Mascara donors supporting him financially - may end up with his name on the ballot during the primary in August; however, it is important for Republican voters to know that he is merely a proxy for the incumbent – and presumably has no intention of serving in the capacity of Sheriff. 
It is true - I was a Democratic candidate in 2016. I did change my party from Democrat to Independent and finally and rightfully, Republican - as I experienced my own #WalkAway story.  I was told time and time again in 2016 that I wasn't a Democrat, that my beliefs in Limited Government, individual Liberty, and the Constitution aligned with the principles of the Republican party. These statements took me by surprise as I had always been led to believe my whole life that I needed to be a Democrat. My own reflection and research led me to challenge what society had taught me, and eventually led me to switching parties.  
Believe me, the switch hasn't been a cakewalk, but it absolutely aligns my party with my principles.  Mr. Carter is not the first person to call me a RINO, and that is not even close to the worse name I've been called due to my party affiliation - I'm not worried about name calling, I only care about doing what is right for the Citizens of St. Lucie County.
I am the pro-Liberty candidate endorsed by the founder of the Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association, the Treasure Coast Republican Liberty Caucus, the Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida and State Representative Anthony Sabatini.  I am a St. Lucie County Native, combat Veteran, and the same candidate who earned an A rating from the NRA in 2016 and who has been a member of the St. Lucie County Republican Executive Committee since Septemberof 2019. 
The question for Republican voters in St. Lucie County is - will you allow the Primary to be manipulated by a stand-in for the entrenched Democratic incumbent? Or will you vote your values and your voice this August?  The choice is yours - and yours alone.


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