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Northwest Newsletter ~ Spring Equinox 2019


Spring is in the air, and it is a bit of a frantic season. January was all about prepping for Pantheacon, and then I managed to get sick with a particularly nasty cough after the convention.  As I started to get better, we started gearing up for a big conference at work.  That conference is this week, and then I still need to think about my taxes.
I'm looking forward to April!
Pantheacon this year was a good convention. We had many new folks who were interested in ADF, and our ritual was well attended.  
One of the things that I love about Pantheacon is the opportunity to chat with people with whom I don’t usually get a chance to chat.  It’s good to be reminded that more folks in this world also practice Druidry and other forms of paganism. If you do get an opportunity, I encourage you to go to one, or both, of the festivals in our region.  Eight winds is hosted by Sierra Madrone Grove and is in July, while Beyond the Gates is hosted by Columbia Grove in August. I hope to see you and one of the two festivals.

Blessed Spring Equinox to you.​

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May the Nature Spirits share their Blessings with us all,

From the Deputy Regional Druid

The Spring Equinox is probably the most difficult high day for me to write about. The reasons are pretty funny. I have a strong tendency to do things at the last minute. Spring is not the time for that. Spring is 'get this party started' time. We'll be going to festivals and camping in the summer and starting school and celebrating the harvest in the fall. Winter will find us nestled in and making merry. Spring doesn't have any time for that. All the work that makes those other times great starts at Imbolc and is fully engaging by the Equinox. It is difficult to write about because it is such a busy time. For a procrastinator, everything is happening "right now."

This year, I am growing corn and wheat for our fall and winter crafts. Of course, this means the soil must be tilled and amended, the grasses and weeds must be cut out, irrigation strategy has to be set, seeds have to be chosen and sprouted. None of this can happen until I repair the chicken pen, because they will destroy any new planting. And I had better get on that as soon as I finish replacing the portion of neighborly fencing that was destroyed in the last storm. But, subcontractors are scheduled for some construction projects, and it will cost dearly not to have the prep work ready for that. Spring has sprung, as they say. Time to get the details finalized for summer trips and festivals, or they won't happen.

Part of my experiencing this time of year, this year, is putting things on the calendar for next spring. I'll try to make this the last Spring that is hard to take time out to write in. The garden could have been ready a month ago. I knew the rain gutters would overflow because I knew when I should have cleaned them. The only surprise was the fence, and that only took a couple days. All the big stuff gets on the calendar, Imbolc, Ostara, Pantheacon, my awesome wife's birthday. The work isn't on there, and the work actually takes time and has meaning and bears fruit. This year, I'm honoring the work by making space for it next year.
Michael Riley
Senior Druid of Sierra Madrone Grove, ADF
Deputy Regional Druid, Northwest Region

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Check out the Spring Equinox ritual from our Clergy
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