April 2021 — IP500 Alliance 



Dear IP500 Members, Partners and Guests 

The IP500 Alliance has started the new year, 2021, with focus on some highly important projects, as well as acchieving some major accomplishments. The ongoing and even increasing COVID situation has impacted our ability to stage events and engage in personal meetings, as is the case everywhere, but there has been no slowdown in the development of the IP500 ECO System in terms of target projects and partnerships - see details below.

The latest achievements have strengthened the position of the IP500 Standard globally and will accelerate the business for our members and partners going forward. This is driving the IP500 Standard and its OEM products / solutions in pilot projects and large commercial & industrial tenders. As a result it significantly increases the value proposition of the planners, system integrators, and users / owners of the IOT products. 

Here is an update on topics that might be of interest to you:

  1. Microchip joins the IP500 Alliance
  2. New VdS 3106 includes IP500 key features.  VdS Fire testing has started
  3. BESTec to manufacture IP500/CNX200 Module 
  4. IP500 OEM Product News:    
    1. DAFÜR announced final IP500 Infrastructure design
    2. IP500 based fire-alarm and smoke extraction system 
    3. Microsens builds PoE lighting system based on IP500 
    4. BESTec to provide IP500 Wall-Actuator
    5. Projects enable OEM Product design-in’s
  5. IP500 Projects in Germany, India and Poland
  6. BIM WORLD is to establish an IP500 WORLD Platform
  7. Sensfix and IP500 are to complete IP500 ECO System
  8. IP500 Meetings & Events in 2021
  9. IP500 Events in 2022

If you have any further questions, please let us know!
Please contact the IP500 office for more information:

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IP500 Board

1. Microchip joins the IP500 Alliance 

Microchip has joined the IP500 Alliance as an official and active IP500 Member (Partner). The official announcement will be placed in public soon.  It will include a press release and placements in both the Microchip and IP500 websites. Both parties are planning to cooperate on future projects, events and webinars. 
The IP500 Alliance has selected Microchip's RF and Micro products as their core RF components, because of their dual band capabilities and highest performance at the RF and processing level. 
“We believe that the IP500 Standard has reached a strong position in the IoT space for commercial and industrial applications, and based on the official certification by the safety and security authority’s (i.e. VdS) the IP500 Standard provides a very robust and secure IoT wireless platform for commercial building and smart city applications “said, Markus Austermayer, Head of IoT Europe at Microchip”. 
Please contact the IP500 office for more information:

2. New VdS 3106 includes IP500 key features     

The new VdS Norm 3106 for intrusion applications for commercial and industrial objects has added key features of the IP500 Wireless Standard.
These key features have enhanced the VdS Norm for intrusion of class B  (test level - grad 3 for commercial and industrial applications) to provide higher robustness, security and redundancy for compliant wireless security systems. The VdS Norm 3106 will require regulated entities to build security solutions at the highest level for class B applications, including detailed new features in their next generation security solutions.

The IP500 Standard is now the only IoT Wireless Standard that conforms with all the new requirements of the VdS Norm 3106, at the highest level.

EN5425 - VdS Fire tests has started

After many years of preparation, in Feb. 2021 the IP500 Alliance placed a request for VdS conformity tests for fire application, according to the EN5425. Pre-testing and verification by the VdS team has already demonstrated that the IP500 / CNX200 Module (Standard) will successfully pass the conformity tests. A successful test result will place the IP500 Standard into a groundbreaking position in the fire detection and complementary business areas. In cooperation with the VdS Fire division, the IP500 Alliance is now working on the improvement of the existing VdS3448 Norm. VdS will therefore invite the IP500 Members & Partners to provide their inputs and support to create the new version. In anticipation of this, a key IP500 Member has already started to plan the integration of the IP500 / CN200 Module into their entire fire detection system. The results of the VdS test are expected in Q3 2021.

3. BESTec to manufacture IP500/CNX200 Modules

BESTec, a Freiburg, Germany based "Contract Manufacture Service" (CMS) company has been accepted by the IP500, to manufacture the CNX200 Modules, as well as the development kits for the European market. Due to their location in South Germany, providing the IP500/ CNX200 Module to IP500 OEMs based in Europe will be straightforward, reducing customs and expensive logistical efforts. A basic buffer stock will be manufactured and held available at BESTec, for smaller production volumes. Higher volumes will be manufactured and delivered according to a booking forecast, which will be coordinated by the IP500 Alliance.

4. IP500 OEM Product News


DAFÜR announced final IP500 infrastructure design

DAFÜR (Darmstadt, Germany) has finalized the design for the IP500 Infrastructure and announced the first prototype.  This should be available by the middle of 2021.
The data base technologies, features and capabilities, including full redundancy and scalability, makes the IP500 Infrastructure the best-in-class IoT network infrastructure. These features are key drivers for the IP500 system integrators, planners and end-users  and will enable the integration of the OEM products in IP500 SmartBuilding projects sometime in 2021.

IP500 based fire-alarm & smoke extraction system

Based on IP500 Alliance activities with the VdS fire division (mentioned above), the IP500 Alliance and leading IP500 OEM members have started a proof of concept for a fire alarm in combination with smoke extraction systems based on the P500 Standard. The main factors behind choosing the IP500 Standard for the VdS Pre-Conformity for intrusion were – True Dual Band embedded in an IP based Mesh Network – highest security and robustness of data transmission – with lowest Latency of each link and end-to-end in the entire network, together with higest redundancy of the infrastructure (gateways and severs). A combination of a fire-alarm and smoke extraction or evacuation system based on a certified wireless technology has not been possible until now. An IP500 based solution will revolutionize the industry and provide a new innovative solution! We invite our members to participate in this exciting program!

Microsens builds PoE lighting systems
based on IP500

Microsens ( has announced their plan to build PoE lighting systems in combination with Trilux lighting fixtures based on the IP500 / CNX200 Standard. Microsens belongs to one of the largest construction companies (Zech Gruppe) in Germany. Future tenders of the Zech Gruppe will be able to offer these new IP500 connected lighting solutions, focused on commercial buildings and industrial objects.
A combination with DALI and IP500 based lighting solutions is already available. This allows installer and end-user to combine current, installed, DALI lighting systems with IP500 based sensing or actors solutions. Please contact Microsens for more information.

BESTec to provide IP500 Wall-Actuator

Targeted for Q2, 2021, BESTec plans to provide an IP500 Wall-Actuator for that can be installed behind, for example, existing wall switches (retro fitting). The IP500 Wall-Actuator will transform any wall-switch (for lights, blinds, window or door drives) into digital-twin in the cloud or in a local application control units / BMS server. The installation behind the wall-switch is very easy and can be installed in any European or other standard flush-mounted housing.
The IP500 Wall-Actuator enables the end-user to transform their objects into IOT smart ones, at a low cost and installation effort. 
Various cloud based solution for smartphones or PC-tablets are already available.
Due to the highest performance, robustness and security of the IP500 Wireless IoT Standard, this newest IP500 product has the potential to become a game-changer, for retrofit installations in existing buildings and objects. 
Similar IoT products with wireless connectivity are not able to provide the same level of IoT connectivity in buildings. Please find more details and the latest IP500 Infrastructure tests results in the article:

Projects enable IP500 OEM Products design-in’s

Multiple projects (see details below) are enabling the integration of the IP500 / CXN200 Modules in various OEM product and systems. Several IP500 OEMs are currently in the definition and design phase. The design-in’s are following the requirements from the projects and their end-users, as well as the system integrators and construction companies. These individual requirements and the newest IP500 OEM products (i.e. wall switch actuator, access & door, lighting, sensing and fire detection) will be presented in the IP500 Project workshops on a regular bases. The IP500 Members and Partners are invited to participate in these tenders.

5. IP500 Projects in Germany, India and Poland

The IP500 Projects in Germany, India and Poland have made good progress and the responsible IP500 partners, including planners, system integrators and OEMs are working on the IP500 solutions for these projects. There are also projects underway in LATAM (Panama and Bogota). Due to the interoperability and worldwide certification of the IP500 Standard, these projects will generate a significantly high demand for IOT OEM products for retrofit installations and new constructions.
The project in Freiburg, Germany is a typical mid-size office building in combination with apartments. The main applications in this project are – door & window (including blinds) control – lighting – and energy optimization. The installation of the IP500 infrastructure and products will take place at the end of 2021 / beginning of 2022.    

The WTC (Worlde Trade Center) in New Delhi is one of the largest buildings in India with over 1 million square feet (approximately 800.000 square metres) of commercial space. The IP500 infrastructure is established within the tender and has generated many opportunities for OEM products to be connected to the IP500 network. In total, over 20.000 sensors and actors are expected to be installed.


Sensfix, a partner of the IP500, has made good progress on their project to build an exciting IOT connected factory. Several IP500 OEMs have already designed their solution into the system design of the target applications.


6. BIM WORLD & IP500 signed Partnership

The IP500 and the BIM WORLD organization (Munich, Germany) have signed a partner agreement to promote and position the IP500 Standard in the construction world globally. The BIM WORLD marketing platform has a strong and worldwide reach to construction companies, architects, system integrators and planners. It promotes the “Building Information Modeling” concept, as well as the newest trends and technologies for mainly commercial buildings. Therefore the BIM WORLD MUNICH is a perfect communication link for the IP500 Alliance into the BIM community.

7. Sensfix to support IP500 ECO System

The IP500 Member Sensfix ( has drafted a White Paper, together with IP500 Alliance, for enabling the IP500 ECO system for SmartBuilding and industry projects. Sensfix is a provider of cloud based data-analytic solutions, employing dashboard features to manage ticketing and service activities. These are used for commercial and industrial applications based on the data from the IP500 OEM sensors and actors. This partnership is completing the IP500 ECO system and enables the IP500 Alliance to be included in industries such as Oil & Gas or logistics.

8. IP500 Events & Workshops

The IP500 workshop are inviting IP500 OEMs and partners, to receive the newest updates on the IP500 Standard and regulatory efforts, as well as to synchronize the individual OEM products and system design according to the project requirements outlined above.
Only IP500 OEM Members and Partners are able to participate. The workshops addresses complete applications, as you can see below.

The following applications are going to be addressed at the next upcoming workshop.
  1. Access control for safeguards
    (Security Guard Control System), including motion / presence) combined with light, door and window applications.
  2. Energy budget
    foot print of commercial & industrial buildings, by combination of heating & cooling systems with doors and industrial gates.
  3. Air Quality and safety
    for COVID 19 detection, in combination with window and access control.
The out-come will provide the planners, system integrators end-users a complete IP500 based solution for dedicated applications.

IP500 Events, Meetings & Workshops

The IP500 Alliance is focusing on “Go-To-Market” projects and workshops. We are inviting our IP500 Members to participate in the following IP500 events, workshops and trade shows. Please check our IP500 web-site to obtain your invitations and participation entry codes or call our IP500 office (contact details below).

IP500 Meetings i2021 

The details of each meeting will be announced in the invitation.

IP500 SUMMIT India, virtual (Q3 2021)
IP500 SUMMIT South America, virtual (planned Q3 2021)
IP500 Meeting (as soon as lock-down is ended or a virtual meeting, Q3 2021)
IP500 Technical Workshops & SmartProject Webinars (Q2 2021)

Trade Shows & Events in 2021

The IP500 Alliance will not participate physically in trade shows in 2021

Wireless Congress (10th & 11th Nov. 2021)
BIM WORLD MUNICH (23th & 24th Nov. 2021)
.. more to come

Trade Shows & Events in 2022

The details of each meeting will be announced in the invitation.

CES, Las Vegas, (Jan. 2022)
MWC, Barcelona, (March 2022)
Light+Building, Frankfurt, Germany, (March 13 – 18, 2022)
Security Essen, Germany, (Sept. 20 – 23, 2022)
.. more to come
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