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Dear IP500 Members, Partners and Guests 

Dear IP500 Members, Partners and Guests 

The IP500 Alliance wishes you a peaceful holiday season and a wonderful time with your family and friends! 

We THANK you for your great support in this challenging year 2020! And, we are looking forward to working with you closely on all the exiting project in the coming year 2021! 

IP500 Event Report 2020:
  1. IP500 SUMMIT India (virtual) (27th Nov. 2020)
  2. BIM WORLD MUNICH (virtual) (23rd & 24th Nov.) 
  3. Wireless Congress (virtual) (Nov. 10th, 11th & 12th
  1. IP500 Cover Story -  “IP500 redundant infrastructure”
  2. Update - IP500 / 5G Project with Miele & consortium (IoT SmartFactory)
  3. IP500 Workshop for target applications
  4. IP500 Events 2021
If you have any further questions, please let us know!

Best regards
IP500 Board

IP500 Event Reports: 


1. IP500 SUMMIT, 27thNov. (virtual) 


The ICC virtual IoT event was supported and very well organize by the ICC (India Chamber of Commerce) with the government office! The focus was on digital IoT topics presented by key national and internatio0nal speakers! A total number of 150+ participants across the construction industry, IoT companies, as well as IoT players and government officials have experienced a very good IP500 session. 
The local IP500 office and IP500 board members have presented its values and IoT solutions, incl. the IoT services of the IP500 member “”. Some of the actual projects in India, over 100, have the potential and need for a secure and robust IoT wireless network protocol. Over the past four years, the IP500 Alliance has built a strong position in India and is now able to integrate the IP500 ECO system in many projects in India.  
The goal is to work closely with the local authorities and companies, providing IoT solutions, services and infrastructure in all commercial, industrial and SmartCity applications with highest security, performance and scalability. The market India will provide a huge opportunity for the IP500 partners (planners, consultants ..) as well es global and local OEMs. 
View the presentations of the ICC – IoT SUMMIT on 27th Nov. 2020:

2. BIM WORLD 24th & 25th Nov. (virtual)


The BIM-WORLD community is one of the largest in its class. The IP500 Alliance has been invited by the BIM WORLD organization to position the IP500 wireless platform into the BIM community (planners, system integrators etc.) promoting and integrating the IP500 OEM solutions in target projects around the world. 
The participation at the total event (BIM) was quite high, approx. 4000 participants. 
Our presentation slot and the panel discussion on day two (25th) was a big success, according to the BIM organization. We had 2400 viewers, approx. 250 active participants at the session with 30 min view time in average. 
The goal at the BIM VIRTUAL event was to address and explain the value of “the secure & robust IP500 infrastructure” and the interoperability of various OEM solutions (as a ECO system) providing planners, system integrators and finally the decision makers of SmartBuilding, city or industry projects a huge advantage.
The BIM WORLD organization has approved to promote the IP500 wireless platform as the “de-facto wireless IoT network” for commercial buildings, as well as in SmartCity and Industrial applications. The BIM Organization has promoted other wireless standards (like BLE)  in the past, and they see the IP500 Standard as THE next generation IoT Wireless Platform!
View the presentations of the BIM WORLD – 24th and 25th Nov. 2020: 
-> go to Program Highlights BIM VIRTUAL -> secure & robust IoT networks


3. WIRELESS CONGRESS 10th – 12th Nov. 

The virtual version of the Wireless Congress has shown less participation into the wireless community as it was the case at the face-to-face events in previous years. Which translated in approx. 30 .. 40% participation of the normal level. 
Most of the presentations workshop session had approx.. 15 – 30 participates. However, we have heard from other virtual events that they had the same experience.
The goal of the IP500 Alliance and its Partners & OEMs was to demonstrated and presented the strong position and performance of the IP500 platform in a real building, smart city or very noisy environment. The Wireless Congress Organization and participants have given us a very positive feedback for all our presentation. Since the Wireless Congress is an international communication platform for global OEMs and technology providers, we have been able to update the IoT community about our achievements! 
View the presentations of the Wireless Congress 2020: 

4. IP500 Cover Story 

In Nov. the IP500 Alliance Members DAFÜR and umlaut released an exciting article about the “IP500 redundant infrastructure” and the test results in a real and challenging environment (commercial building and aircraft cabin). 
Please find the links bellow:

5. IP500 / 5G project, Miele & consortium (update)

The IP500 partner Sensfix has been able to bring this exciting IoT connected factory project to the next level. This next level defines the target factory automation / logistical processes and security applications (like access control) as well as energy applications (HVAC, water and air quality). Several IP500 OEMs have already designed their solution into the system design of the target applications. 

The workshop, descripted below, opens up the opportunity for the IP500 OEMs and partners, to be part of  the system design discussion. 

6. IP500 Workshop (14th of January 2021)

The IP500 Alliance has invited for a workshop to address and define target applications based on IP500 connectivity (see attachment). IP500 Members have organized this workshop to drive the creation of complete solution for target applications. 
  1. Access control for safeguards (Wächter Kontroll System), incl. motion / presents combined with light, door and window applications. 
  1. Energy budget / foot print of commercial / industrial buildings, by combination of heating & cooling systems with doors and industrial gates. 
The out-come will provide the planners, system integrators (and finally also umlaut) a complete IP500 based solution for dedicated applications – like access control and guidance for security guards in commercial building, and energy foot print of an industrial factory. 
If you are interested in this workshop, please contact our IP500 office – E-mail: office&  

7. IP500 Events

P500 Meetings & Workshops

The IP500 Alliance is focusing on “Go-To-Market” projects and workshops. That means, we are inviting our IP500 Members to participate in the following IP500 events, workshops and trade shows. Please check our IP500 web-site to get your invitations and participation entry code or call our IP500 office, see contacts below. 

IP500 Meetings 2021

  1. IP500 SUMMIT India, virtual Q2 2021
  2. IP500 SUMMIT South America, virtual (planed Q2 2021)
  3. IP500 Main Meeting (as soon as lock-down ended or a virtual meeting, Q1 or Q2 2021)
  4. IP500 Tech. Workshops & SmartProject Webinars (are ongoing)

Trade Shows in 2021

  1. TBD according to the organization of the trade shows
  2. The IP500 Alliance will not be present at the CES and the MWC

2022 (To be accounted in 2021)

  1. CES, Las Vegas, Jan. 2022
  2. MWC, Barcelona, March 2022,
  3. Light+Building, Frankfurt, Germany, March 13th – 18th 2022
  4. Security Essen, Germany, Sept. 20th – 23th 2022
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