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Dearest <<First Name>>❤

I am very much aware that I am the last person you expect in your mail today. An august visitor in December. It's been six whole months I disappeared and if you ask me what I've been doing all these days, I'd say adulting. 

Safe to say I allowed a challenge shame me into inaction. Isn't that tragic? 

I have heard extremely smart folks say one of their super power is that they stay with problems longer. 

One of them discussed his routine and traced it back to when he was in secondary (high) school: he'd sit with word problems until he found a solution while his classmates would complain about how complex the assignments were. 

Stay resolute! Be consistent! Persistence! The conclusion of the matter has always being the same. Only said differently. They all say that no great achievement is possible without persistent work. 

I also figured that when challenges come, it is either you: 

• let it shame you into inaction, and/or

• you learn from it. 

The choice is yours to make: to either chicken out or persist in the face of dauntless opposition. 

Come to think of it, it is only logical to quit in the face of discomfort or even uncertainty. That moment when your fear feels so tangible and doubts paralyze you from moving persistently toward your goals. I've been there and I can say it is either you allow yourself to be caged by such feelings or you flip the switch by: 

• Identifying your wants and desires;

• Understanding why you want what you want

• Mapping out an action plan

• Joining a community of action takers. 

Lest I forget, it is crucial that you develop better habits if you want to overhaul your system and match your goals with results. 

For any habit you are cultivating, don't choose the form of exercise or meditation or gratitude or whatever that the world says you should do. Choose the one that's right for you. Not the popular one. 

It's hard work, yet doable. 
The odds are in your favour,  <<First Name>>..

I'd see you next year ❤

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