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Exotic alternative investments : standalone characteristics, unique risks and portfolio effects

Editorial Reviews

"Over the coming years we will experience the greatest generational wealth transfer in US history, at a time when the range of investor options and interests will only widen. Kevin R. Mirabile has provided an excellent risk-based foundation to these very unique asset classes." -- William J. Kelly, CEO and President, CAIA Association

"Kevin Mirabile provides unique insights into exotic alternative investments based on his extensive work experience as well as deep academic understanding of these strategies' sources of risk and return. This book is a must read for those investing in exotic alternatives." -- Steve Turi, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner, SkyView Investment Advisors, LLC

"Kevin R. Mirabile offers an accessible primer demystifying a set of alternative investments once thought of as esoteric and available only to the most sophisticated investors. He succinctly describes the opportunities and risks associated with them and, importantly, offers practical examples of how they can diversify and improve investor portfolio performance." -- David F. McCarthy, Principal, D.F. McCarthy LLC
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