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  SUBJECT : Nonlinear Science, Chaos & Dynamical Systems  

A Guide to Temporal Networks: 2nd Edition
This second edition extensively expands upon the coverage of the first edition as the authors expertly present recent theoretical and modelling progress in the emerging field of temporal networks, providing the keys to (and connections between) the different areas of knowledge required to address this multi-disciplinary problem.

  SUBJECT : Nanotechnology & Nanoscience  

Functional nanomaterial for photoenergy conversion : nanoelectronic technology
This book presents a comprehensive review of the recent progress in exploring various functional nanomaterials for the applications in photocatalysis and solar cells. This book is an essential source of reference for scientists with research fields in energy, physics, chemistry and materials. It is also suitable reading for graduate students.

  SUBJECT : Physics and Astronomy  

Mathematical foundations of quantum field theory
The book is very different from other books devoted to quantum field theory, both in the style of exposition and in the choice of topics. Written for both mathematicians and physicists, the author explains the theoretical formulation with a mixture of rigorous proofs and heuristic arguments; references are given for those who are looking for more details. The author is also careful to avoid ambiguous definitions and statements that can be found in some physics textbooks.

  SUBJECT : Computer Science  

When machines can be judge, jury, and executioner : justice in the age of artificial intelligence
"This book explores justice in the age of artificial intelligence. It argues that current AI tools used in connection with liberty decisions are based on utilitarian frameworks of justice and inconsistent with individual fairness reflected in the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence. It uses AI risk assessment tools and lethal autonomous weapons as examples of how AI influences liberty decisions. The algorithmic design of AI risk assessment tools can and do embed human biases. 

  SUBJECT : Environmental Science  

Chemistry and technology of alternate fuels
This compendium covers unconventional fuel sources, i.e., sources other than crude oil and natural gas with the aim of presenting these sources as future alternates to fossil fuels. The contents of this must-have volume are important aspects of the non-fossil fuel sources of availability of alternate sources of fuels. 

  SUBJECT : Nanotechnology & Nanoscience  

Renewable energy finance :
funding the future of energy, 2nd edition

This new edition will fill an important vacuum in the published book market. Despite exploding interest in renewable energy investing amongst corporate managers, government policymakers, and advanced business students, there is no text in the market that provides an insider's perspective on how large-scale renewable energy projects are funded.

The Atlas of Ankle Replacements
Goldberg OBE, Andrew J.; Cooke, Paul H.

The Atlas of Ankle Replacements is an objective, comprehensive and authoritative textbook on this subject. With easy-to-read chapters from global pioneers in ankle replacement, alongside extensive images, illustrations and photographs, this title has widespread appeal and accessibility to foot and ankle surgeons, engineers and industry alike.
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