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Blockchain hurricane : origins, applications, and future of blockchain and cryptocurrency

Blockchain Hurricane gives business decision makers and students a clear overview of the history, current applications, and future potential of distributed ledgers and cryptocurrency. Reviews have praised its “authenticity, clarity and conceptual elegance” and the way it “illuminates the subject, goes beyond the jargon and throws enough humour into the mix to make reading it an informed pleasure.” Blockchain Hurricane explores the strengths and weaknesses of this disruptive technology and examines emerging opportunities and perceived threats. Technical frameworks are presented in a business context to help strategists understand the risks and rewards of different approaches to blockchain implementation, and the decision factors in determining whether it is a viable solution to the problem at hand.

Supply Chain Planning: Practical Frameworks for Superior Performance, Second Edition

Through this book, practitioners will obtain valuable new insights and examples of implementable frameworks and methods for managing their supply chain functions and organizations.
The critical role that supply chain planning contributes to a firm’s financial well-being has never been greater. All too often, however, considerable managerial resources are directed toward planning activities with minimal results. In this book, we present proven, practical management frameworks used by the authors to support supply chain operations management and planning in private industry. These frameworks provide methodologies for managing critical activities such as supply chain strategic planning and project selection, manufacturing and distribution planning, performance measurement, supply chain risk management, and customer logistics and inventory deployment.

This book is intended for supply chain professionals, as well as for graduate and advanced undergraduate students. Practitioners will obtain valuable new insights and examples of implementable frameworks and methods for managing their supply chain functions and organizations. Students will develop an understanding of real-world approaches for supply chain planning, decision support, and many other key activities.

A Profile of the Farm Machinery Industry, Second Edition: The Power To Help Farmers Feed the World

The farm machinery industry is a complex sector of the global manufacturing economy that encompasses many companies, including those who produce tractors, combines, sprayers, planting equipment, harvesters, tillage equipment, and irrigation systems. While the industry is dominated by three full-line manufacturers (Deere and Company, Case New Holland, and the Allis-Gleaner Corporation), there are thousands of other companies, including many short-line manufacturers, that also dictate the nature of the industry.

The farm machinery industry, while contributing a small percentage to gross world product, is vitally important to another key sector of the economy—agriculture. In advanced economies, where the percentage of the labor force engaged in agriculture has been on the decline since World War II, high horsepower tractors and efficient harvesting systems are necessary to cultivate more acres with fewer workers to feed an ever-growing world population.

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