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The root of agriculture's future? 

Recent decades have seen a monumental shift in the amount of research in plant roots.

A stronger understanding of the complex ways roots interact with soils in making it possible to ‘design’ roots to optimise water and nutrient uptake in low-input environments, as well as deliver other benefits such as improved soil health and reduced nutrient leaching.

As an example, a team of scientists from the University of Nottingham, UK have uncovered the way ethylene controls plant root responses to compacted soils, showing how this signal can be ‘switched off’ to facilitate plant growth in unfavourable growing conditions.

Understanding crop roots in their entirely can contribute to improving global food security, as well as the implementation of more sustainable farming practices across the sector.

Understanding and improving crop root function

Understanding and improving crop root function features authoritative reviews of current research in all aspects of root science, including root growth regulators, root anatomy, nutrient acquisition and root system architecture. 

The volume discusses the responses of plant roots to abiotic and biotic stresses and how understanding nutrient uptake can be exploited to optimise root function. 
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Biochar as a renewable-based material :
with applications in agriculture, the environment and energy

Biochar and its implementation as a renewable-based material is one of the topics on which the research community has focused the greatest energy in the last twenty years. This book provides readers with a scientific and technological overview of biochar, including new technologies for biochar production, new environmental and agronomic applications (e.g. biochar as growing media component or biochar application for mine land reclamation) and some emerging biochar applications in different fields (e.g. energy storage and catalysis). A special emphasis is placed on analyzing the links between the different stages of the value chain, underpinning the economic viability of biochar systems.Biochar as a Renewable-Based Material: With Applications in Agriculture, the Environment and Energy is designed as a textbook for graduate and postgraduate courses as well as a handbook for early-stage scientists, policy makers and potential technology customers. The book is written by internationally recognized scientists with a variety of complementary backgrounds.
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