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Former projects gave issues on food security. Twice the harvests failed because of erratic rains. In the new project GEP III the project committee's choice was for green houses to organize food security at the school and the close surroundings. Hortipro is the firm who won the bidding process for the building of two green houses at the site of the school, about 150 metres away from the school buildings. Great support is being given to the project of community members and solar experts (and people with an interest in solar issues). Also the K4 Club green agricultural education gives children extra  possibilities to understand green house and irrigation methods. Green house management training is organised by Hortipro staff to the school and community. 


Hassan Opidi of Hortipro gives information on green house management, on solar driven irrigation systems and how to proceed with agriculture in green houses. Involved were community members, project committee and people with interest in solar. 

On the picture people of community and project committee listening attentive to Hortipro staff giving information about solar driven functions for the green house irrigation. Children of Ndhole, following K4 agricultural education, do join the process from beginning. 

4K agricultural education and teachers organizing a straight forward irrigation process. Vegetables will soon be planted when the soil and system is ready.

A set of 10.000 litre water tanks will supply the water for irrigation in the green houses. All are being connected for a continues process. 


Ndhole Primary School Climate Change Adaptation Centre taking shape. Last work in progress; organizing the solar panels on the roof. So much has been done during this last phase of the Green Energy Project III. See following pictures for more news on the events which have happened. In this text we want to express our thanks one more time to the funds which have been so generous. 
Again we are so grateful for the support of the Wild Geese Foundation who have been part of the project team. Also a great thanks goes to all the other donors like Wereld Wijd voor Kinderen (WWvK), Den Brinker Foundation, Triodos Foundation, Annie en Tiny van Dooren Foundation, Stichting DAS, the town council of Tilburg, the Haella Foundation and all the individual donations given to this project. We take care for a good project management of GEP III. Thank you all!

Herewith the logos of some of the funds which have been giving to the Green Energy Project III. Some funds preferred not to give a logo. Pii Engima is the name for the informal lobby Our Water Our Life which has a lot of members who strengthen the processes of the project on many levels. A group of 200 farmers, entrepreneurs, local, regional and national water experts are member.

The new gate of Ndhole Primary School is ready. With the growing 'euphorbia' plants along the barbed wire fence a complete protection around the school is ready. Wild hyena's which still had their chances in 2020, are being disappointed now. Also thieved so not get a chance anymore because of an askari being present during the night hours. 

On the left a new toilet block is being built for boys and girls. With enough overview, children can go safely to the toilet now. An older building, right on the picture, once built by World Vision, is being renovated in this project. This could be done by the help of community members without extra costs being accounted for. All organized by Our Water Our Life.

One of the children brings dirty cleansing water to the sink. Extra help of Our Water Our Life members and community help took care for some space in the budget to provide for an extra public water kiosk outside the fence of the school. Now also community members can get water from the water harvesting project. Whenever enough rain, there will not be any problem for water anymore.


There are some younger guys in the community who do have a motorcycle for small business. They can bring dry food for the Food Banks of the school. A Food Bank is a storage place for dry food which people do stack up for more bitter times. Now Ndhole has a good chance of getting better harvests, the dry food will only be rice, wheat and beans for children's meals. The rides on the motorcycle are being organized by Our Water Our Life and the projectmanagement of Education and Health. 

On the picture you see the start of the Food Banks of Ndhole Primary School. Dry food is being brought to a special storage place. In the sacks there is wheat, beans and rice for cooking meals for children. The veggies will be cultivated in the green houses. The storage place will keep food for direct use and for times in which the harvest is less, also for some people in the surroundings which do have a shortage of food. In return they do some work for the school, like widows f.e.

The old school furniture which will be replaced after the project is done. Eighty new school banks, chairs and tables for teachers and for early maternity care will be made by local craftsmen. We hope that mid May all will be ready for use. A complete renovation has then been done at the school. So great that this could have happened. 

During the process we have asked for a change of funds by the town council of Tilburg. They have confirmed their support for new school furniture, sport accessoires and school books and literature readers. On the picture you see one of eighty donated school banks for two children. The school population is now about 160 children. 

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