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Half Step Ministries Update:

Settling Into Fall

I think we can all agree that there have been a lot of strange changes to our lives this year. Some of them have been easier than others to adjust to... and still there are more changes coming before we see the end of this year. I have no doubt 2020 is a year none of us will forget!

In our last update, we had recently moved in to our new home and were still getting settled! We can not express how much of a blessing it has been to be in this home. (Even after paying the first couple mortgage bills...) I still get overwhelmed with gratefulness when I think about how it's possible that this is a home WE OWN and that we don't need to plan on leaving any time soon... God has been so generous in giving us this space and the relationships that we have with our housemates/family. :) 

While we feel very settled in our home, there are always projects... Updating the house will take time but we have really enjoyed being able to work on it  as much as we have. Each project has been an opportunity to pour our dreams and love into; to design what this space will be for our families and for the people we want to serve, love on, and invest in for many years to come. 

Here are a couple more things that have happened in August, September and October:

Transitioning to Trailhead Church

Since Brayden accepted the position as Youth Pastor, we've been able to step into the worship ministry, high school group, middle school group, and Brayden has been given the opportunity to preach! These have offered a lot of great connections but COVID has still impacted how one connects to a new church... The inconsistencies of in-person gatherings and precautions of distancing in place have definitely slowed the process of connecting well to this new community, but we are still at peace knowing we are called here at this time. Brayden has been grateful for the opportunity to develop an encouraging relationship with our head pastor and to be able to preach again!

Trailhead handed over the keys of their previous building to a new church plant a couple weeks ago, and has not been able to fully move into their new building. This has been a frustrating process for the leaders and is also starting to cause more problems as our services are subjected to weather outside each week. Would you please pray with us that the details for moving into this building are worked out very soon? 

We are excited to start recruiting a team for Half Step here, more details later in the update!

Half Step at Faith: Battle of the Bands!

We started Half Step back up this semester at Faith Church with some changes to accommodate the COVID restrictions in place and it has been going well! Since we can't ensure 25ft of distance between every singer... we had to cut our normal choir routine. In it's place, we have put together a "Battle of the Bands" competition where our students built their bands, inviting friends to join in, and they work towards learning their parts and practicing together each week in their groups. While we love and miss choir, this has actually given our leaders great opportunities to connect with our students on a more personal level again! There have been a couple students already this semester that we know God brought to Half Step for much needed community, love and healing and we are grateful to be a part of their stories. 

A New Team

One of the most encouraging things we've seen through Half Step at Faith this semester has been watching new young leaders arise. We appointed 3 new young leaders to the Core Team in August to continue handing over the reins! Seeing them step into these roles and watching Christ weave their lives together to be a strong team is incredible... We have a lot of hope for this ministry with these new leaders that are growing in front of us! 

Table Coffee Company: Welcome to the Table...

Abby's brother, Dan, and Brayden launched a coffee roasting business last month as a fun side gig! Both of them have a deep love for coffee and people and decided to use their free time to make excellent coffee more accessible and invite people into relationship through coffee. This has been an adventure that has given life and joy to both of them and we are excited to see where God takes this adventure! 

What's Coming:


Announcing & Recruiting for Half Step at Trailhead!

  • This week, we are starting to announce our plans to start a new Half Step in Wellington through Trailhead Church. Please pray for this process and for people to be interested in helping get this ministry started to see more outreach happen towards youth in Wellington!

Planning for Youth Leaders' Conference in 2021

  • A dream we have had for awhile is to host a conference for youth leaders in Northern Colorado where they can be inspired, encouraged and find connections and ideas outside of their church bodies. We are in a position to take another step toward this dream, but we are obviously holding these plans lightly because of COVID. Would you pray for a team to come together from multiple churches to begin the planning process of this conference? 


  • We don't need to tell you what's going on in our world with fires, COVID, elections, and racial tensions... but we do want to invite you to pray for our communities, churches, families, and country during this time. Would you stop and pray for these things with us today as you read this? 

- Pray for rain and snow in Colorado to contain these fires. 
- Pray for followers of Christ to truly represent Jesus and the Gospel well through voting and their responses to the election. 
- Pray for our students at Half Step at Faith that need Christ's love and healing. 
- Pray for us to hold our plans with ministry loosely but with bold faith!
- Pray for Trailhead Church to be able to enter our new building ASAP without any other hold ups. 
- Pray for a healthy pregnancy for Baby Lans #2 
Thank you so much for following this journey with us (especially if you read this whole email!) and supporting us! We are so thankful for each person that God has brought into this journey of faith with us. Your support and encouragement means more than you know to us! We love you!
Abby & Brayden
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