The Pacific Council News
Reporting on the September 2019 Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting held in Boise, Idaho.
Groundfish News
Cowcod rebuilt; other stock assessments adopted

Council discusses costs, benefits of storing electronic monitoring video

Council adopts alternatives to address take of salmon in groundfish fishery
Council considers ways to increase vessel limit of cowcod in trawl quota fishery

Initial harvest specifications, management measures adopted for 2021-2022 

Inseason adjustments to groundfish fisheries 

Groundfish methodology review topics chosen
Salmon and Halibut News
Final salmon rebuilding plans approved

Ad Hoc Southern Resident Killer Whale Work Group continues to examine effects Council-managed salmon fisheries on southern resident killer whales
NMFS proposes change to  annual salmon management cycle

Council approves three topics for salmon methodology review Council adopts changes to 2020 catch sharing plan; recommends annual regulations for Pacific halibut

Council adopts preliminary recommendations for 2020 directed halibut fishery
Highly Migratory Species News
Regional fisheries management organizations discuss bluefin tuna stock status, allocations

Council recommends exempted fishing permit on use of deep-set buoy gear at night 

Council takes final action on management measures for deep-set buoy gear 
Habitat and Ecosystem
Habitat report: Jordan Cove, Klamath dam removal, Central Valley Project, Heceta Bank study

Council adopts revised vision for Fishery Ecosystem Plan for public review 
Administrative News
Legislative report: Councils sends letters on driftnet, forage fish, disaster relief bills

November Council Meeting Agenda
The November Council meeting will be held November 14-20 in Costa Mesa, California.
  • Methodology review (final)
  • 2020 Preseason management schedule; scoping of annual management
    cycle amendment
  • Southern resident killer whale Endangered Species Act
    consultation update and risk assessment
  • 2020 Catch Sharing Plan and annual regulations (final)
  • Commercial directed fishery regulations for 2020
  • Transition planning for commercial directed fishery
Coastal pelagic species
  • NMFS report
  • Preliminary review of new 2019 exempted fishing permits
  • Methodology review preliminary topic selection
  • Nearshore estimation methodology for central subpopulation of northern anchovy, frequency of overfishing limit reviews, and accountability measures
  • Habitat
  • Tri-State Enforcement Report
  • Legislative matters, including the Modernizing Recreational Fisheries
    Management Act report to Congress
  • NMFS report
  • Workload and New Management Measure Update
  • Electronic Monitoring Program Guidelines and Manual Review
  • 2020 Harvest Specifications for Cowcod and Shortbelly Rockfish –
    Final Action
  • Preliminary Exempted Fishing Permit Approval for 2021-22
  • Harvest Specifications for 2021-22 Including Final Overfishing
    Limits and Acceptable Biological Catches
  • Gear Switching and Sablefish Area Management Update
  • Biennial Management Measures for 2021-22
  • Endangered Species Act Mitigation Measures for Salmon – Final Action
  • Inseason Adjustments Including Whiting Yield Set-
    Asides for 2020 – Final Action

Highly migratory species
  • NMFS report
  • International management
  • Scoping an Amendment Authorizing Shallow Set Longline Gear
    Outside of the Exclusive Economic Zone

Upcoming meetings
Ad Hoc Southern Resident Killer Whale Workgroup Webinar October 29 

Habitat Committee Webinar October 30
Groundfish Management Team Webinar November 5
Council meeting November 14-20
Pacific Fishery Management Council
Phil Anderson
Marc Gorelnik
Vice Chair
Chuck Tracy
Executive Director
Mike Burner
Deputy Director
Don Hansen
Special Assistant to the Executive Director
Kim Ambert
Administrative Staff
Patricia Crouse
Administrative Officer
Kit Dahl
Highly Migratory Species, Ecosystem Management, National Environmental Policy Act
John DeVore
Renee Dorval
Meeting Planning, Hotels
Robin Ehlke
Salmon, Halibut
Jennifer Gilden
Communications, Habitat, Legislation
Kerry Griffin
Coastal Pelagic Species, Marine Planning, and Essential Fish Habitat
Kris Kleinschmidt
Information Technology
Sandra Krause
Information Technology
Amy L’Manian
Administrative Staff
Todd Phillips
Jim Seger
Fishery Economics
Brett Wiedoff
Groundfish, Highly Migratory Species
The Pacific Council is one of eight regional fishery management councils in the U.S. and recommends commercial & recreational fishery management measures for Federal waters off the coasts of Washington, Oregon, and California. All Council recommendations are subject to approval by National Marine Fisheries Service. The Council has five public meetings a year. The March 2019 Council meeting will be held in Vancouver, Washington; the public comment deadline for the meeting is 5 p.m. on February 7. The supplemental public comment deadline is 5 p.m. on February 26.

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