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Using Bioinformatics Tools in your Cell Panel Screening: A Q&A session

A large cell panel screen can be significantly more powerful with subsequent bioinformatic analysis. Here are a few of the questions to answer:

i. Which tumor cell lines does my drug kill?

ii. How potent is my drug?

iii. Which cancer types are responsive to my drug?

iv. How does the profile of my drug compare to that of hundreds of other drugs? Can I conclude or confirm a mode of action based on this data?

v. Which genetic signature can be used for tumor model stratification?

vi. Is there a predictive tumor model?

vii. Which tumor models should I use for advanced cell-based assays and in vivo testing?

In our recent poster presented at AACR, two head scientists Jan Ehlert, Ph.D., and Vincent Vuaroqueaux, Ph.D., show how bioinformatic analysis adds layers of information to large cell panel screens. Both scientists will be available for a live Q&A session regarding our bioinformatics tools and how to use them for successful drug discovery.

The interactive video chat will take place on Thursday, May 6th, at 3.30 pm Central European Time (9.30 am Eastern time). Please follow the MS Teams link below to enter the virtual meeting room. No reservation, password or software installation is required.
Jan Ehlert, PhD (left) is the head scientist of cellular oncology at Reaction Biology specializing on cellular assay systems in oncology, cellular screening and 3D assay systems.
Vincent Vuaroqueaux, PhD (right) is chief technology officer at 4HF Biotec focusing on the identification of new drug targets, selective inhibitors and predictive biomarkers using bioinformatics.
Link to video chat
Download the poster ProLiFiler and Cancer Data Miner, combined platforms for a preclinical investigation to scrutinize the impact of inhibitors on the KRAS, PI3K, and MDM2 signaling pathways
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