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NCC Recap - NCC EarthShot Conference - Global Leaders Shared Insights on ESG, Decarbonization, Impact Investments, and the Associated Business Opportunities
  • Governors and Global Business Leaders Shared their Insights on ESG/Sustainability, Climate Change, Impact Investments, Digitalization, and Decarbonization
  • Minister Koizumi Addressed the Importance of ESG and Decarbonization and the Impact of Individual Behavior Towards a More Sustainable Society
  • EaSyGo Presented our Vision on ESG PropTech Initiative and the Market Opportunities of ESG Real Estate
Thursday, Aug 12, 2021

Digital Garage’s ESG focused “Next Content Conference 2021 Tokyo” was successfully held yesterday with great speakers joining from across the world through a hybrid platform of live and digital participation. 

This event gathered the world leaders from a diversified background including the governors,  and business leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, scholars, and artists. 

The overall conference focused on the discussion of “new context” for the realization of a sustainable society with technology, and covered the key topics including ESG/Sustainability, Climate Change, Impact Investments, Digitalization, and Decarbonization. 

The conference was well received by over 2000 attendees of executives from top Japanese companies, institutional investors, universities, government officers, as well as overseas participants joining digitally from across the world.  
Climate Change and Intended Consequences

In the session of "Climate Change and Intended Consequences”, the speakers shared their efforts on ESG and decarbonization, as well as insights and expectations of how society can work together to reduce climate change impact and protect ecosystems. 

Ariel Ekblaw, the Director of MIT Space Exploration Initiative and the Climate Change Systems Researcher of CCI, shared the lessons for Climate Change Resilience. Ryan Phelan, Co-founder of Revive & Restore, and Joichi Ito, Co-founder of Digital Garage discussed biotechnologies and conservation.

In the Panel Discussion, Minister Koizumi Shinjiro; and business leaders from different fields including Shiro Kambe, Senior Executive Vice President of Sony Group; Takashi Ikeuchi, Managing Director of Tokyu Land; and Mayumi Tsuryu, Executive Officer of SEVEN&I shared their efforts on ESG/Sustainability and Decarbonization and expectations on achieving a Carbon Zero Society in Japan.
New Context Conference 2021 - “Earthshot” Digest
Minister Koizumi Addressed the Importance of ESG and Decarbonization and the Impact of Individual Behavior Towards a More Sustainable Society

Minister Koizumi Shinjiro shared the government’s efforts on how they pursue the policies towards decarbonization and the challenges they faced during the progress. In particular, Minister Koizumi mentioned the necessity of technical innovation and introduction of a new Carbon tax. He believed that the government needs to provide cost competitive methods for the corporations to motivate them to implement sustainable business practices towards decarbonization, such as introducing carbon taxes and promoting renewable energy etc.

Minister Koizumi also specifically addressed the importance of individual behavior in creating societal level changes. Since the declaration of the “Carbon Zero by 2050” target, all the large corporations in Japan have responded to their calling and taken initiatives to invest more effort in ESG and decarbonization. He believes that the next issue is to focus on the society as a whole and encourage the individuals to engage in sustainable initiatives.
EaSyGo Presented our Vision on ESG PropTech Initiative and the Market Opportunities of ESG Real Estate

In this session, our representative, Yukihiko Ito, introduced our new ESG PropTech Initiative “EaSyGo”.

Ito gave a presentation on the initiatives and vision of the ESG real estate tech business "EaSyGo" as a startup entrepreneur who combats climate change. He highlighted the scale of impact that the real estate sector can create on ESG and decarbonization.

Ito also shared his insights on the market opportunities of ESG real estate, as well as his concepts/visions on how ESG can create more value for real estate assets, and how EaSyGo can help real estate users realize the value and impact of their ESG efforts.
Impact Investment and the Realization of the Sustainable Society

At this session, Kathy Matsui, General Partner of MPower Partners, former Vice Chair of Goldman Sachs Japan and Chief Japan Equity Strategist, discussed with Joichi Ito on the topics of Governance, Culture, Gender Diversity (the "G" aspect of ESG). 

Teruhide Sato, Founder and CEO of BEENEXT, shared his insights on Problem-Solving Innovation in Asia. Samantha Bates, Executive Director of CCI, showcased the Chelsea Project of Center of Complex Interventions.

In the Panel Discussion, Ken Hasebe, Mayor of Shibuya, Teruhide Sato, Kathy Matsui, Joichi Ito discussed Impact Investment and the realization off a sustainable society. Kathy Matsui shared her view on the progress of how the investors and IPO companies quantify the non-financial ESG factors and the role of technology innovation in this progress. 
In this conference, we have seen the great speakers with a very diversified background joining from across the world to discuss the key global issues, especially ESG and Climate Change, which matters to all the industries and countries.

We believe that ESG and Decarbonization will play an increasingly important role in the future decision makings of the investors in Japan. As real estate managers and investors, it will be key to realize the impact of ESG in the investment and asset management, and create more value for your assets through effective ESG strategies.

If are you are interested in learning more about ESG real estate opportunities and EaSyGo, please contact us at
Inquiry on EaSyGo and ESG Real Estate

Message from GOYOH Co. Ltd Founder & CEO Yukihiko Ito 


To find solutions and countermeasures for climate change risks has become an unavoidably important global issue, and the impact will change the future world. Real estate sector is closely related to various human activities and has indispensable responsibility at the forefront of climate change.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of global real estate investments and the efforts real estate ESG introduction with institutional investors, we have created essential approaches for the key issues in real estate including climate change risk countermeasures and ESG. We have started developing the EaSyGo services since 2020 tailored to solve the issues in the areas which real estate owners are lack of experience and resources.

Currently, the ESG efforts in real estate industry are mainly making frameworks from the global companies, institutional investors, governments and international organizations, etc. On the other hand, there are many other stakeholders are not actively involved, we believe that making efforts to engage all the stakeholders can create more essential changes and significant societal impact.

Creating "Real Change" in the Solutions for Climate Change Risks in Real Estate

Toward the realization of a carbon-free society, we believe that start-up companies play a role in creating "real change." EaSyGo is a start-up business that takes the initiative toward creating "real changes" for the society.

Based on Asterisk's experience in the global real estate market, the business concept of EaSyGo is designed and developed for not only domestic but also global real estate players. We will expand the services into the domestic and global markets and realize the vision of "delivering sustainability options to everyone."

"EaSyGO" is a SaaS service for asset owners to reduce carbon risk and realize "real change" against climate change risks in real estate.

As a proptech service that tackles climate change risks originating in Japan, it was highly evaluated for CO2 reduction in a wider range and visualizing social impact.
GOYOH will continue to promote this business with the aim of "delivering sustainability options to everyone."

Our real estate ESG tech platform EaSyGo provides the following main functions as services for real estate owners such as real estate investment funds and management companies.

1. ESG Engagement Services for Real Estate Tenants (ATE = Active Tenant Engagement)
Providing more ESG-friendly channels and options not only to real estate owners, but also to tenants, guests and users, as well as joint ESG initiatives and opportunities
2. Quantification and Financial Optimization of the Impact of ESG Real Estate
Quantification and optimization not only in the environmental (E) field of ESG but also in the fields of sociality (S) and governance (G), quantification of the social impact and total impact produced by real estate assets, evaluation of total economic value, correlation analysis, etc.
3. Disclosure and Access to ESG Information for Global Institutional Investors
Share ESG information/data and access global institutional investors through the network of EaSyGo and Asterisk; Share and access ESG initiatives and quantified performance of properties and portfolios to target investors.
Request Information for EaSyGo
If you are interested in the collaboration with EaSyGo to create a pilot project of ESG Best Practice for your Japan portfolio to showcase your ESG efforts and outcome, please contact us at
Contact EaSyGo for ESG Pilot Projects
EaSyGo is a web service for professionals for ESG and climate change countermeasures in real estate management. The services support the users to quantify the performance of various ESG and climate change risk countermeasures of real estate management companies, including research, analysis, strategy decision, ESG measures. It is an all-in-one tool for tenant engagement and investor disclosure and access.
Visit EaSyGo Webpage
Business Partnership with EaSyGo

Through co-creation and collaboration with companies in each field that work on sustainability, we aim to realize comprehensive sustainability options in the lifestyles of everyone. Please contact us if you are an expert or business operator who is interested in business collaboration with EaSyGo. Currently, we are conducting co-creation and demonstration experiments with companies in various fields such as real estate management companies, hotel management companies, energy companies, transportation facilities, and smart cities.
Inquiry on Business Collaboration

GOYOH develops real estate tech services that adds soft value for real estate. Through the utilization of next-generation technology, GOYOH provides various services for the ESG real estate field and global HNW, which are expected to grow significantly in Japan in the future.

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