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Myanmar National Director
Dear prayer partners,

This was quite a busy month that God prepared for me and my family together in His service. I am thankful to my coworkers for their sacrifice and happy that my family members could experience God’s goodness in this training ministry. We feel so tired but grateful. Praise the Lord forever!

On March 10, the week after our children’s final exam, as a family we traveled to an eastern part of the country where I teach over ten pastors for over three years. On March 11, we visited a power project that provides electricity to Myanmar. My children now understand more about the power & electricity that they study in school. That evening, we also visited a tourist attraction, where we enjoyed the sunset moment there. My children learned for the first time what the world believes apart from Jesus Christ. They were amazed to hear this and asked many questions.

On March 12, with pastor M, we led the Teachers Training workshop (TTW) together. There were 17 pastors, church leaders and graduating students. They all were motivated by the lesson and started thinking about the training opportunities in their areas.

On the next day March 13, we celebrated the graduation service. Out of 13, six of the students have accomplished the course requirements and graduated that day. One student did not come on graduation day because of his poor health.

On March 14, pastor B had a promotion at a church in a village. There were six younger ministers who were in attendance. They learned this training program from former graduates and invited pastor B for more detailed information. Praise God they will be ready to study with pastor B when the government announces freedom to travel.

On March 16, I went to northern Myanmar. The next day of March 17, we had Teachers Training workshop and a short meeting on ministry partnership with a Church Association. Some local pastors and top leaders in the office attended the training session. The workshop helped them understand the CCI ministry and they learned the biblical discipleship pattern. They are interested and are looking for the best time to begin classes in the local churches together.

On March 21, my wife and I visited pastor B to participate in a graduation service and wedding ceremony. Due to the Covid-19 warning by the government, we did the graduation service at night. This is the second graduation under pastor B's leadership within three years. The community learned that they also could study like this and more people have been persuaded to study God’s Word more. Praise the Lord!
It is an honor to officiate a wedding before God and His people the day after the graduation service in the mission field where pastor B oversees. The bride is our missionary, a co-trainer of CCI courses with one of CCI graduates. This is the first Christian wedding ceremony among strong Buddist community. I had an opportunity to share God’s plan on marriage and its purpose based on Gen. 2:21-24; Eph. 5:22-31. Over sixty people heard and learned about the beginning of the marriage family (how God begins it) and our roles today. We rejoice and praise the Lord our God, initiator of all things together.

For all those remarkable tasks we did in the month of March, we praise the Lord Jesus for His perfect plan and wisdom to enable us to accomplish much, even in this perfect month before lock-down. On the day we arrived home, the government officially announced no travel due to Covid-19. The day after we arrived home, the virus infection number was released and as I write this, it has reached 21 cases in our country. Much more restriction has come to Myanmar.

Since the third week of March, we have been home and kept in close contact with CCI trainers and area leaders via phone as much as I could. Praise God no one has been infected with the virus, but they all have been prayer warriors since they heard about the news. Thank God that they are faithful.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for our ministry in our country.
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Staff Update
  • Pastor B introduced the ministry to two different group of churches. They are interested in having a workshop and looking for the best time to begin training classes. Pastor B also met several pastors individually and shared about the ministry of training. Some alumni from pastor B helped him promote the ministry and pastor B finished his class and had graduation service on March 21. The other two classes are doing well with the courses.
  • Pastor T regularly leads class at his church and said students become very helpful in church ministry. Some other teachers also are doing well while some are slow due to work in their farm out of village. Pastor T was able to promote the ministry at a church with its leaders. They wanted to have class with Pastor T, so he led a two days christian leadership conference on 2 Tim. 2 with 9 church leaders.
  • Pastor M boldly shared about the CCI ministry during graduation service where over 60 leaders and believers participated. He also promoted the ministry to leaders during his visit to the farm. Most of the area farmers are interested and looking for a good time to study the Word of God with him. Pastor M visited a women's class in eastern Myanmar and are doing well though they are good in their learning.
Below are testimonies from graduates

Mr. H: “I felt I was too late to study God’s word systematically. However, this equips me to be personally bold enough to train others. It may be hard for an old man like me, but I will get involves in discipling someone in my life.”

Mr. T: “Now I better understand what the ministry of the church is. I also understand that the ministry of Christ is not only a work for pastor/minister, but it is also for all believers. Now I have confidence to get involved in the service of Christ our Lord.”

Mrs. P: "Now I can help and understand my husband’s work better as a pastor’s wife. I began to study this program by faith in God and He fulfilled this race in me. Now I can handle the Word of God and train other women in our church.”
Prayer Requests & Praises
  • Praise to God for hearing our prayers in February such as two graduations, meeting with an Association in northern Myanmar, protection from Covid-19 upon CCI family-Myanmar, etc.
  • Praise to God that a CCI graduate from 2012, pastor Z, is willing to be an area leader of CCI-Myanmar. Please pray for him as taking the leadership of head of Evangelism and Missions so that he may share & find time for the more practical discipleship training with CCI.
  • Thanks to God for a meeting with pastor Y, one of CCI's graduates from 2011. He is willing to serve with CCI as an area leader. His term in association ends this year and he is willing to take the training role. Pray for him and his family.
  • Pray for these two new proposed area leaders and their financial support.
  • Thanks to God for His goodness upon our church; all family members are protected from this serious virus so far, all our students did their final exam as well by His grace, all church planters and believers are good in daily routine.
  • Pray for all staff, teachers and students of CCI and their family members to remain safe from Covid-19, healthy and grow daily in the Lord and success in His given tasks.
  • Pray for peace in Myanmar, free from civil wars and aid for people in refugee camps. In March, apart from fighting Covid-19, because of civil war (Arakan Army and Burma soldier) fighting in Chin villages, over ten (Mro-Khami) Chin villages left their homes and took refuge in other places.
  • Pray for all recent graduates so that they will exercise what they had learned from the courses within their own churches and community.
  • Pray for the apartment rental fee for the National Director. It will be due in May with $300 per month. The house owner allows us to pay in two installments (every six months= $1,800). He needs $3,600 for one year from May 2020 to April 2021.
  • Pray for the National Director's health: he has been suffering from dysentery for three days and physically weak.
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