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>>>Zine and Dinner of Doing Things<<<
Architecture of Togetherness

>>>Call out<<<



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Shared Practice
Wednesdays 1.30pm- 3.30pm, at The Green in Nunhead SE London
Open to movement practitioners and those with peripheral practices.
Next set of dates you can sign up for:
Feb: 22.02.2023 and March 01/08/15/22/29.03.2023  @ 13.30- 15.30pm
deadline: 19.02.2023

Openly Spaced Out
Sunday mornings and, in addition, whenever someone calls it, in Hilly Fields Park or other local parks SE London. Open to all. 
This meetup serves a reconnecting to nature as we move outdoors and enjoy socialising at the same time. It tunes a togetherness that is bodily aware, integrating a way of socialising that is mobile, can breathe and pause. It's up to you if you want to speak much or little, move or rest. What matters is the open negotiation of it and to become increasingly more relaxed to move as we feel like and need to in this social and public sphere that has nature as witness and support. We hope to inspire a regularity to shape new habits and expand into a bodily aware togetherness.

Dancing in the park at night - Openly Spaced Out

Peripheral Practices (local)

Contact Improvisation 
Fridays 2.30pm- 4.30pm in New Cross, Open to experienced practitioners. If interested please contact Monica @
Saturdays our Goldsmiths Contact class and jam is about to come back. Different teachers will be invited, special offers for Goldsmiths students as usual. More information to come.  
Creative Contemporary
Wednesdays 6.30-8.30pm at Siobhan Davies Studios with Laura Doehler. Open to all. A class to integrate coordination and learn basic phrasing by exploring developmental patterns and choreographic scores in improvisation and at times partner work.
Town Square Studio
Siobhan Davies Studios are inviting dance artists to use their studios for movement practice and artistic research. Low-cost and easy to book, Town Square Studio offers a fortnightly space for spontaneous and creative encounters.
Purple Ladies class and lab
Tuesdays in Peckham, the Purple Ladies offer a morning class open to all to integrate mobility and warm up to then enter a research phase in the afternoon where dance artists can lab and explore individual and shared performance ideas. For more information please email:

Moving On Archive
Still live and going strong, a creative online space to discover the philosophy and timeline of Moving On, including some of the audio guides for you to try out for free.

Online audio library
For more audios that were created by 11 UK based somatic dance practitioners and performance artists. As it is subscripiton based, we recommend to sign up for a month, cancel right away and enjoy exploring the various audios for the period of a month.

>>>Zine and Dinner of Doing Things
C. Vasilikou and L. Doehler initiated a research called Architecture of Togetherness that stems from residencies at the arts and community space Ponderosa and works towards the development of their site and vision as well as other communities in London and abroad. The question we ask is how somatic practices shape a togetherness which would impact our views on identity and values and consequently informs the way we inhabit, interact and therefore build (or dismantle) our environment. We invited our Exit Map community to take part because these questions concern us all and many are interested to exchange and share the process of vision making towards a more socially, bodily aware and environmentally connected way of life. Our processes (dinners and meetups where we speak and move) brought forth this gorgeous and rich Zine you can view here. 
They also initiated more project proposals and the Dinner of Doing Things will mark the next step of this shared pathway. It is an opportunity to meet a small group of people (incl yourself) at their home where we can share what we need help with to build or fix our space or simply manage home life. We figured that this way we can co-author our home spaces and dismantle some of the walls that separate us while enjoying bodily conversations as we work together. It is an age old format that we pick up to commit to being present with one another and the spaces that extend away and back into us. If you are interested get in touch until 05.02.2023 outlining
- which day/ hour of the week you can meet on a regular basis for about a month for a couple of hours each. 
- which area you live in.
Based on that information we will create groups of up to four people that will meet once a week for a month. 

>>>Call out
With so much going on we figured we would like to employ someone to help us with our organisation once a week. If you are or know someone who loves project management and who is curious to explore unconventional social entrepreneurship with us, get in touch. Ideally you are based in SE London because much of our work concerns the community around here and being able to actually share space once in a while is the way we work. If interested and for more information please email:

These are performance events from artists that practice and work with us

Will Lang will perform at the Live Art Club in Deptford
50 Resolution Way SE8 4AL

Vibrant Matter will be at Bloomsbury Theatre with 'DJ Whimsy or what will the climate be like'

In case you haven't seen our trailer from the past Moving On events (which we hope to bring back soon) have a look!

And this is it from us. 
Enjoy your day!
Laura and Exit Map

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