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You're invited to the Ryerson Library's Think Tank Series event:
Virtual Reality: a Powerful Technology that Enables us to Step into Lost Environments of the Ancient World

In this lecture, Dr. Simon J. Young talks about the potential of Virtual Reality as an educational and research tool for education. Those of us who have studied the ancient world have wondered at times what it would have felt like to stand in the streets of some of the incredible places that have succumbed to the ravages of time. Now, VR provides us with a powerful tool to present and visualise the results of these investigations in a 360 stereoscopic immersive digital environment. This talk will explore some particular implications of these possibilities, and will feature spectacular digital reconstructions of the ancient world. There will be a chance to experience the VR at the end of the talk.

January 11, 2019
Collaboratory, Library 3rd Floor

Refreshments provided

Please RSVP by January 10, 2019


Lithodomos VR is an innovative Australian start-up founded by Dr. Simon J. Young and based in Melbourne. They secured substantial seed funding in 2016 to develop VR content based on archaeologically accurate material.