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Winter 2022 - January 2023

Members of our Timothy II Team were invited to share at two churches at the end of 2022.  In October, Sandi Mahlow was invited to share at City Gate Church in Santa Ana, CA.  She was able to inform the church about our Timothy II Directors and how the congregation can participate with the Timothy II ministry. 

On November 13th, Dave Betts, Sandi Mahlow, and Steve Dixon went to South Shores Church in Dana Point, CA.  Dave shared a short presentation at their three services.  We also had a chance to fellowship with Pastor Ron Cline as we shared Timothy II updates. 

Dave Betts sharing at South Shores Church last November.
The Timothy II work is a three-fold work: Evangelism, The Ministry to the Saints, and our Messenger Service, which is our work with our Directors and Pastors.  Last year, our team decided that we needed more money to go to The Ministry to the Saints.  This allowed us to give funds to several of our Directors to use how they wished.  The money was used to help fund a large Pastors and Leaders Conference in Northern Mexico.  Pastor Daniel Perez in Southern Mexico was able to get his church repainted and repairs made.  Others got to use the funds for medical bills, helping orphans, feeding programs, and more.  We also were blessed to be able to help Pastor Vic Virtudazo in Mindanao, Philippines with the money needed to purchase a well for his orphanage.  
Mexico - Pastor Daniel Perez's freshly painted church. 
Philippines - Pastor Vic with the parts for their well.
In the Fall of last year, we added a new Timothy II Director over Thailand.  Pastor Zaw Naing Win was Director over Myanmar and Thailand, but with so much work to be done and with encouragement from Pastor Win, we added Pastor Win's son, Saw Young Chi OO (Benny Win).  Saw Young Chi OO has been pastoring a church in Thailand for many years and he does a lot of work with many in need on the Thai/Myanmar border.  We are so excited to have him as one of our Timothy II Directors!  Below is a picture of just how much work it takes to deliver food for those in need.  He and his team do this on a regular basis, as well as being busy with their various other ministries.

Pastor Herminio Castillo, our Timothy II Director from Northern Mexico has had a very busy few months.  It started in early November, where he held a large Conference for over two hundred Christian Leaders. 

He and his team also spent over a month doing evangelistic crusades in the state of Sinaloa.  They shared the Gospel to poor communities where there are no churches.  Since there was no electricity where they went, they brought a generator and were able to have a very fruitful time.  About one hundred people made a decision to follow Jesus and they are planting two new churches.  They did baptisms, and organized a Christmas festival where two hundred children showed up!

Children having fun and receiving Christmas gifts in Northern Mexico.

Brother Andrew, our Timothy II Director for Spain and Pakistan has been sharing the Gospel to the Gypsies in Spain, as well as his continued work with Muslim refugees.

This new year, Brother Andrew now has a large team who will be working with him to reach more Refugees and Gypsies in Spain with the Good News.  The exciting part is that his team is made up of many Muslim immigrants who came to Jesus in 2019!  They have been taught the scriptures and trained to do the work of the ministry.  Please pray for this new team and that God will provide for all of their needs as they share the love of Jesus. 

Brother Andrew still continues with his work in Pakistan, so he has been very busy.  Please pray that he has times of refreshing from God.

This is one of the areas where the Gypsie community and refugees live.  As you can see, this is not what you picture when you think of Spain.


Pastor Moses Awuyo, our Timothy II Director for Uganda, began a new church in a refugee camp.  The church meets under a large tree.  However, the Ministry to the Saints Funds made it possible for him to purchase land and iron sheets to build a church.  Moses also used those funds for a Medical Outreach and for food and clothing for the refugees.  Please continue praying for their orphanage as they still need to build on their newly purchased land.

Moses on a piece of their newly purchaced land!

Pastor N. David, our Timothy II Director in India, and his son, Paul David have been holding Pastor's Fellowships, going on outreaches to neighboring villages, and were busy at Christmas time with their giving to those in need.  In November, their Pastor's Fellowship was in a village called Maddur, which is three hours from Bangalore where they reside.  Please remember to keep praying for Pastor N. David's health as he continues to be on dialysis.

Pastor Paul sharing with some of the Pastors and Leaders in Maddur, India.
Pastor Zaw Naing Win, our Director for Myanmar has been in Thailand and is now leading the Church that his son pastored.  Pastor Win, with his son, Saw Young Chi OO, and daughter, Elizabeth, went to one of the larger refugee camps on the Thai/Myanmar border in October.  They have been doing a lot of outreaches and church ministry.  On December 5th through the 15th, they had seven days of fasting and prayer and a Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.  
Pastor Win sharing at a Service at the Refugee Camp.
Pastor Bert Montillano, our Timothy II Director for the Philippines wrote a quick update:  "After the graduation of TIMOTHY II SCHOOL OF MINISTRY last September, the Lord opened five churches in different places in the islands in Bohol and Cebu through our new graduates who are filled with the Holy Spirit and responded to the call. 

Today, we’re going to the southern part of Cebu for a groundbreaking ceremony for a church building to be built. People are excited to have a worship center.  As they said, it is the answer of their prayers.  The Holy Spirit is greatly moving in these last days resulting that the people are hungry and thirsty for God’s Word.

By November, we will resume the construction of the Timothy II building. We are excited that this building will be finished in time for your next visit here in the Philippines.

We are grateful to our brethren who are praying and generously supporting financially to this project. The Lord bless them abundantly." 

There is so much more going on as they go to the prisons and jails, travel the islands to reach out to those in need, and spread the Gospel.  

JCAO Cantabaco, Toledo City, Cebu - January 7, 2023
We also want to congratulate Elizar Besnard, our Timothy II Director in Mauritius, and his wife Sloane, on their one-year wedding anniversary. 

There is so much more that we could share as the work that our Directors are doing is amazing!  Please keep them all in your prayers as they continue to do the work that God has called them to do.
"And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also."
2 Timothy 2:2
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