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Special Edition: Mental Health & Wellbeing in our changed world. 
A message from our Managing Director, Ben Moss.    

A warm welcome to this newsletter, one that goes out at a unique moment in our history. Before we get started, I sincerely hope that you and yours are safe and well.

Right now it seems that everyone is talking about the ‘new normal’, and that's the focus of my blog for this month's newsletter (which you can read here). My key message being that we all need to remember the core beliefs that sustained us before this started, and most importantly, not to give up on what can be again.

There's no doubt that this period is going to challenge mental health and wellbeing and we want to do what we can to help.

For many years now we’ve been operating the Good Day at Work thought leadership platform and we now want to use that to provide free support in the current situation.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be making a range of free resources available to all organisations to help them navigate the mental health and wellbeing challenges thrown up by this crisis.

We start with a recorded webinar, hosted by our Founding Director, Professor Ivan Robertson, that defines the psychological landscape in which we’re all now operating – its purpose is to help you see a route through to the other side.
After that, we’ll regularly share a range of resources with you – videos on key topics like resilience and self-management, blogs from the archive, toolkits for managers and employees – and even some activities for families on lockdown! I hope you find this useful.
Despite all the upheaval in these strange times, myself and the Robertson Cooper team are still here, and we'd love to hear from you. Whether it's to let us know the resources have been useful, suggest ways they can be improved, or to share your experiences of working through this difficult period, please do email me ( or contact me via social media.
In the meantime, stay safe and well.

Best wishes,

Staying well in uncertain times and finding the route back to Good Days at Work

A webinar with our Founding Director, Professor Ivan Robertson
To try and make some sense of where we are following the huge changes to our lives in recent weeks, we are starting with a special edition recorded webinar from our Founding Director, Professor Ivan Robertson. He provides us with an insight into the science of wellbeing in the context of the current COVID-19 crisis and the challenges this presents for those responsible for organisational health and wellbeing. And most importantly, it gives you a way to navigate this new landscape and enable your employees to find their way back to Good Days at Work.
Watch the webinar here - a starting point for dealing with mental health & wellbeing in the crisis
Your starting point to getting back to Good Days at Work: 

A free tool to check-in on your own wellbeing

As recommended in our webinar from Prof. Robertson, this free workbook will allow you to start identifying in some more detail the specifics of what your work environment now looks like - and it will almost definitely look very different to how it did 2 weeks ago!  The tool encourages you to become mindful about what it is you now face in your new way of working, so you can start to take control of your own mental health and wellbeing.

Feel free to share and use in your teams! 
Access the free check-in tool here
Keeping pressure positive 
Prof. Sir Cary Cooper 

In this video from our archives, Cary delivers key knowledge to support you in understanding the range and sources of pressure that you may be experiencing right now
Gaining this understanding is a key step in maintaining your mental health and wellbeing both in the long-term and for now...just having the awareness of how your pressures have changed is a positive and productive step to take as you try to navigate the changes. 
Watch 'Keeping Pressure Positive' - Prof. Sir Cary Cooper
Recommended Resources for right now

The right support, at the right time, for what you need as an individual has been the theme of our newsletter this week.

To support you in resetting your mental health & wellbeing for your new work context, we think that there are two priorities as we all fluctuate around the high emotional impact stages of 'acute uncertainty' and 'prolonged disruption'.
Firstly, become mindful of your new working environment and the emotional impact this may be having on you. 

Secondly, reset your habits in the fundamental pillars of mental health & wellbeing - sleep, nutrition, stress reduction and movement  - so your levels of energy are ready for the demands you will be facing . Start taking steps to refill your tank!

Together with what is already here, we have put together an additional recommended resource pack full of videos, podcasts and reading to support you in doing this. 
Access our full list of recommended resources here
Support is continuing at Robertson Cooper

We have been working hard to maintain some continuity in supporting employee mental health & wellbeing in organisations as it is now more important than ever.  And we now have a range of virtual workshops, webinars and tools that can support your employee wellbeing, despite the current limitations and barriers. 

If you’re at the point where you’re ready to think about your mental health and wellbeing response to recent events, please do get in touch. If now isn’t the right time, please use the resources we’re sharing over the next few weeks as much and often as you need to.

See our virtual workshops and webinars - and keep wellbeing on the agenda
At Robertson Cooper, our vision is to create more Good Days at Work. Because we believe that by addressing workplace wellbeing holistically, strategically and with scientific rigour, organisations can unlock the hidden potential of their workforces.

More than two decades of expertise and some of the brightest, most pioneering minds in the field shape our unique, academic and integrated approach. As a result, we’re trusted by many of the biggest brands in Europe to build and deliver a culture of wellbeing.
Get in touch with the team at Robertson Cooper
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